Talent en Leiderschap

Er verschijnt zojuist een mooi boek van Geoff Colvin over leiderschap: Talent is Overrated. Zoals Louis van Gaal mij ooit voorhield: Talent is Beginnersgeluk en zoals Malcolm Gladwell al zei in Outliers dat succes alleen ‘context’ is, gaat dit boek verder. Hier nog wat van Outliers (ook lezen!); zie vooral vanaf minuut 2:30 als Malcolm praat over de 10.000-uur regel. Het kost een mens 10.000 uur oefenen om iets goed te kunnen. Alleen zij die dit volhouden worden echt goed in iets!

Colvin geeft de 8 eigenschappen van leiderschap, talent en succes. Bij deze:

  • Understand that each person in the organization is not just doing a job, but is also being stretched and grown. The best organizations assign people to jobs to push them just beyond their current capabilities and build the skills that are most important. Organizations tend to assign people based on what they’re already good at, not what they need to work on.
  • Find ways to develop leaders within their jobs. One technique: short-term work assignments. Managers don’t leave their jobs, but they take on an additional assignment outside their field of expertise.
  • Encourage their leaders to be active in their communities. Community leadership roles are opportunities for employees to practice skills that will be valuable at work.
  • Understand the critical roles of teachers and of feedback. At most organizations, nobody is in the role of teacher or coach. Employees aren’t told which skills will be most helpful to them and certainly aren’t told how to best develop them.
  • Identify promising performers early. A telling indicator is how interns get others to work with them when they have absolutely no authority.
  • Understand that people development works best through inspiration not authority.
  • Invest significant time, money, and energy in developing people. You don’t develop people on the cheap, and you don’t just bolt a development program onto existing HR procedures.
  • Make leadership development part of the culture. Developing leaders isn’t a program, it’s a way of living.

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