Hoe haal je $18 Mrd op ?

Natuurlijk met een plannetje van 37 pagina’s (vandaag ingediend door GM bij het Congres in de USA) en daarin lees je dan dit:

According to very recent market research (conducted by CNW Marketing Research), more than 30% of consumers who considered a GM vehicle and purchased a competitive product instead cited the possibility of GM bankruptcy as the top reason for not buying a GM product. This is more than double the percentage of the next highest reason. ... The plain fact is bankruptcy of an auto company is markedly different and much riskier than that of a steel company or an airline, with the potential for: lengthy delays, given the number of stakeholders; significant administrative costs; the very real risk of the lack of funding while in bankruptcy; and the stigma attached to our products in the eyes of consumers. On this latter point, it cannot be emphasized strongly enough how much a bankruptcy will depress sales of an auto manufacturer's products due to consumer fears of long-term warranty, resale value and service-related issues.

Wat vreselijk denk je dan.

Verder lees je eigenlijk weinig hoe het miljarden-verlies gestopt gaat worden (voor GM, Vauxhall, Opel, Hummer, Saab etc.), maar goed het is goedkoper dan geld in een bank of verzekeraar stoppen en je kunt toch wat meer kwijt op je achterbank. Ik zou zeggen doen! Hoezo heb je een businesscase nodig als je $18 Mrd. wil hebben?

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