Vandaag viel mijn oog op het 2e nummer van ATZero een leuk nieuw zakenblad 'gericht op innovatie, cultuurverandering binnen bedrijven en op de mens achter de leider'. In dit 2e nummer een verhaal van Danah Zohar, de grondlegster van SQ (als Sociale Intelligentie, naast IQ en EQ); in haar boek 'Spiritual Capital' introduceert ze het begrip van 'businessknights' die als missie hebben:

I believe that global business has the money and power to make a significant difference in today's troubled world, and that by making that difference it can help itself as well as others. I envision business raising its sights above the bottom line. I envision business becoming a vocation, like the higher professions. To make this possible, I believe that business must add a moral dimension, becoming more service- and value-oriented and largely eliminating the assumed natural distinction between private enterprise and public institutions. I envisage business taking responsibility for the world in which it operates and from which it creates its wealth. And I envisage myself becoming one of those business leaders who are "servant leaders" - leaders who serve not just stockholders, colleagues, employees, products and customers, but leaders who also serve the community, the planet, humanity, the future and life itself.

Waar zijn deze ridders nu de vestingen van de financiële wereld wankelen?

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